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Birmingham: What We Do

On the morning of the 25th of February 2022, the easyRights project and Christar International will run the first easyRights wiki editathon. 


The challenge for this editathon aims at facilitating the process of asylum application and job seeking for migrants in Spain.  As you are aware, the lack of an official procedure or service that supports migrants in these two crucial steps for their integration in the country leads to severe cases of misinformation, frustration and infringement of basic human rights. Therefore, easyRights is developing, together with organizations, official institutions and migrant communities, the first digital collaborative space to bridge this gap and ease the access of migrants to structured, curated and moderated knowledge in relation to these two interrelated topics. 

The EU project easyRights is developing a wiki space for migrants to consult relevant and updated official knowledge on the topics. A wiki space is an open and collaborative digital platform where different users — in our case organizations, institutions, migrants — edit and consult data on a topic. In particular, the easyRights wiki responds to common information needs of migrants facing the application for international protection and job search and has been envisioned to be a co-creative space for associations, migrants and institutions, so they can mutually benefit and contribute to this live shared space. 

After a thorough research period on the main barriers and challenges associated with such endeavors, the easyRights team has established an initial version of the wiki. From the required documentation to present to the official timings and certificates associated with each step of the process, the data is organized forming an elementary prototype. Now, it is ready to be proofread, tested and iterated to a more solid version by future users of the platform.


Christar International and easyRights would like to invite you, as experts in the area of migration and international protection in Spain, to collaborate with us in taking this wiki to the next level. Given your connection and implication with migrants’ reality, we cannot imagine a better partner to co-design this space with us.


During a morning workshop, you will have the opportunity to discover, interact, test and improve the wiki. After a brief introduction to the goals and expectations of the platform, the easyRights facilitators will guide you through the wiki in small groups of experts, so you can discover potential first-hand and give your inputs and feedback on it, which will be incorporated. The goal is, on one hand, to discuss the value of operating this necessary space for migrants, and also to identify any gaps in the information, details that may have not been considered, problems with the architecture of the data, etc. that could improve the existing version of the wiki. Afterwards, the resulting version of the platform will be presented to migrants to incorporate their inputs and experiential data.


BIC Euronova - Av. Juan López de Peñalver, 21, 29590 Málaga, Spain

Info & Consent Form for the Editathon

We thank you for participating in this event. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, and the provisions of national legislation Data Protection 2018 we would like to assure you that your personal data (name and surname, affiliation if any, e-mail address and signature) will be used only for the purpose of organising this hackathon, but never shared with anyone else for e.g. commercial or other purposes.

Download Information notice and consent form for hackathon events (in English).

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