• Laura Gavrilut

Asylum Seeker during COVID-19

The social cooperative "Libera ... mente" in Palermo is producing thousands of surgical filter masks through the commitment of five young asylum seekers, thanks to their tailoring skills.

Taylors in their countries, they have been trained in tailoring workshops guided by a local stylist organized during their stay in the hosting center managed by the cooperative thanks to a project supported by the Museke Foundation of Brescia, Penc Onlus Center and the Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence of the Municipality of Palermo (the easyRights partner).

They will be accompanied in the creation of a start-up to and be further trained; for the moment they “want to be useful for the community in the place where they live”, in the words of one of them. The dream of Suleyman arrived in Europe from Conakry, Guinea, to be a stylist, is becoming a reality.

A short video with Suleyman and his team can be found here.

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