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easyRights consortium meets in Spain!

After two difficult years, dominated by covid-19, where the whole world was shattered and disrupted, meetings moved online and people stop travelling we see a ray of light at the end of the tunel. It seems that some things are starting to get back to normal and amongst them is the return of the face-to-face meetings. Although we are convinced that the things will never be as they were pre pandemic we do know that a face-to-face meeting of one day it is much more productive than an online meeting of one day.

Therefore, the easyRights consortium decided to meet for the 2nd time, after the Kick Off meeting from 2020, in Malaga, Spain in between 6-8 June 2022. The meeting was hosted by Bic Euronova, partner in the easyRights consortium, to whom we thank for the great hospitality. The meeting started with great presentations from the pilots under a narative form followed by the presentation of the easyRights ICT tools and the Mediation Grammar. During the first and second days the consortium also organised a couple of internal workshop with the scope of identifying the easyRights potentials, the value appraisal and the next steps regarding the business and exploitation. After 3 intensive days all the consortium partners returned to their bases with a long To Do list and clear next steps.

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