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Designing Digital (Im)migration Services: Join the Joint Migration Workshop on October 21-22.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Migration and immigration are one of the hottest political, social and economic challenges of the past decade, frequently topping international agendas.

Worldwide more than 250 million people live outside their home country with many of them displaced by conflict, violence or disaster. Travelling to a new country can be challenging for many people, but the journey is only half the battle. Once newly arrived the ability to find a home, work and even friendship can be an uphill struggle. Social divisions from their host communities leaves people feeling scared, alone and not knowing where to turn to for advice.

New technologies can offer opportunities to assist (im)migrants in exercising their rights and accessing services that can help them better adjust to their new life and feel like a valued, contributing member of society. But to truly tackle inclusion and sustainability challenges requires a coordinated and ambitious solution at local, regional, national and European levels.

Under the Migration06 European Funding stream, 5 research and innovation projects dedicated to improving life for migrants using digital tools are : EASYRIGHTS, MIICT, WELCOME, MICADO, NADINE, REBUILD. These ambitious projects will be joining forces in a roundtable event on October 21-22, 2021 to explore lessons learned during their project implementation and what elements are critical for sustainable solutions and tools.

The participatory roundtable is open to all with an interest in (im)migrantion services: migrants, local, regional and/or national policy makers, civil servants, representatives of the EC, other projects, NGOs, charities. etc.

The online event is free of charge and any interested parties can register here.

We hope you can join us and share your experiences.

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