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Transformation Support

Below are easyRight outputs and documents we believe will provide you with support and inspiration when running your own digital transformation of (im)migration public services.

Glass Buildings
Reading Glasses

Ontology Tree

Ontology to help frame legal (im)migration discussions around laws, rights, welfare etc. 

Modern Laptop

Technical State of Art

Description of technical challenges around language technologies, personalization technologies and gamification strategies 


Hackathon Guidelines

Overview of how to run a civic engagement and service co-design hackathon with many stakeholders with different competencies (not just technical).

Writing on Sticky Notes
Spiral Staircase

Triple Loop Learning

Framework for a triple-loop transformational learning mechanism to help people achieve effective and long-lasting change


Human Rights Literacy

Human Rights Literacy in Service Design and Supply: The easyRights Policy Recommendations

Gospel Group

Final Conference Proceedings

A collection of contributions that includes the most important messages from the easyRights Final Conference 

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