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Solutions to make life easier for the newly arrived

Latest Results from easyRights

High-Level Policy Roundtable on the Future of Migrants Integration

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The recording of the High-Level Policy Roundtable on the Future of Migrants Integration is available on the website of the European Commission.

Mediation Grammar

The new 'Mediation Grammar' (CWA 18014:2023) has been published. Mediation Grammar is a useful tool for integration, into a fairer and more welcoming society. 

The Mediation Grammar has been created based on the experiences of the easyRights pilot, desktop research, and from conversations and interviews with migration practitioners and experts.

The final CWA - CEN Workshop Agreement (CEN/WS 116- CWA) can now be downloaded here


easyRights at #TEDxTorino

easyRights had the incredible opportunity to be shared and presented at #TEDxTorino in a talk with the title Migrants and Rights Enforcement: An Obstacle or a Resource?

The recording can be seen below.

Chatting Over Coffee

The easyRights Project

Helping (Im)migrants Better Understand Their Rights

We are a European H2020 project and our aim is a simple one -  to combine co-creation and AI technology to make it easier for immigrants to understand and access the services they are entitled to.  

Bringing together immigrants, the public sector, and private organisations, easyRights have developed solutions that provide personalised, context-aware information to its users, taking into account background, demographics, and language skills.  The tools support immigrants in their search for responses to different needs in a manner that saves time for both migrants and for social service staff and cutting costs for the public administration

The easyRights solutions are co-created and developed in four pilot locations (Birmingham, Larissa, Palermo, and Malaga).  Sign up for news updates and follows us on our easyRights journey.

Art Class

easyRights Final Conference Proceedings

This report provides an overview of the easyRights Final Conference through a  collection of speakers contributions which come together to highlight the learnings and impact of the easyRights project.

Key Outputs


easyRights Solutions

The solutions developed by the project are the easyRights Agent which includes Language and Pronunciation Training, the Mediation Grammar, policy brief

know-how hackathonsand the hackathons solutions from Birmingham, Larissa, Malaga, and Palermo.

Reading Comic Book

Migrants Integration Handbook: A Service Design and Supply Perspective

This handbook shares practical ideas and experiences from a series of Joint Migration Policy Roundtables organised by the six European projects: MIICT, REBUILD, NADINE, MICADO, EASYRIGHTS, and WELCOME.

Making a Difference in 4 Pilots


Birmingham is a cosmopolitan city but migrants are twice as likely to be unemployed.

Image by Kelvin Quarles


All non-Greek citizens wishing to stay more than 6 months need a residency visa.

City Center


Many refugee services are provided in Spanish or a limited number of languages.



Permits are needed to live and work in Palermo, so need easier access to certification process.

Birmingham Canal
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