D1.1 Ontology Tree with Topics and Entries
D1.2 Technological State of the Art and Mockup solutions
D5.2 User Analysis and Key Performance Indicators
D1.3 Pilot agendas
D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan 1
D8.1 Quality Handbook
D3.1 Hackathon Guidelines
D4.1 Requirement Analysis
D5.1 Triple Loop Learning Mechanisms
D1.5 The easyRights Mediation Grammar 1
D3.2 First Hackathon Report
D6.2 Policy Brief 1
D2.1 Report on Pilot Co-creation and Governance Activities 1
D7.2 Communication and Dissemination Plan 2
D3.3 Second Hackathon Report
D5.3 Socioeconomic Impact Assessment
D5.4 Institutional Sustainability Assessment
D6.7 Business Exploitation Plan
D2.2 Report on Pilot Co-creation and Governance Activities 2
D6.3 Value Appraisal
D6.6 Policy Brief 2
D7.3 Communication and Dissemination Plan 3
D1.6 The easyRights Mediation Grammar 2
D5.5 Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Pathways
D7.4 Proceedings of the Final Conference

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