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  • What exactly is easyRights?
    EasyRights is an EU funded research and innovation project that is harnessing the latest state of the art disruptive technologies to help migrants better exercise their rights to public services in their new host countries. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Why is it important for (im)migrants to better exercise their rights?
    Grazia Concillio, the project coordinator of easyRights, shares the reasons for supporting (im)migrant rights, from better mental health, to faster integration and the strengthening of communities for all.
  • How will an (im)migrant benefit from easyRights?
  • How will public administrations benefit from easyRights?
    Sandra Garcia of BIC Euronova and Brent McHugh of Christar International explain at an international event how the city of Malaga will personally benefit from the easyRights project.
  • How do the easyRight tools work together to support (im)migrants?
    Giuseppe Rizo & Alberto Benincasa from the LINKS Foundation together with Inna Tolskaya from Capeesh and Jacques Koreman from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology prepared a short and easy-to-understand video presenting an easyRights use case.
  • How does easyRights help promote cultural awareness?
  • How does easyRights help (im)migrants better navigate services?
  • How does easyRights overcome language issues?
  • Why is prounounciation so important for service access?
  • How does the easyRights Chatbot work?
    The easyRights partners responsible for the Chatbot showcase the solution.
  • What is human rights literacy, and why does it matter?"
    Paola Regina from Politecnico di Milano presents the human rights literacy of public officials and NGOs regarding welcoming immigrants and Giuliana Costa from Politecnico di Milano presents the poster presentation Human Rights literacy matter in the governance of migration-related services.
  • What is the relation between human rights and migrant social integration?
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