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The Pathway Assistance App is a text-based support agent designed to help (im)migrants more easily access crucial services by cutting through public services bureaucracy to only extract the exact information and forms they need.  To use the app (Im)migrants will follow just 3 steps:


  • Step 1: choose country – filters actions based on specific country services and laws

  • Step 2: select action – selects the service area the im(migrant) needs, e.g., residency permit, family reunification, income support, housing, in different local actions

  • Step 3: creation – automated Artificial Intelligence processing capabilities extracts from the country service portals the main requirements (HOW, WHERE, WHEN) needed to access the service.


As a result, the (im)migrant is quickly presented with the direct web link to the service application to be filled, or the address of the office to visit without having to search lots of confusing websites themselves. Saving time and cost for all.  Support services offered alongside include service mediation, vocabulary training and pronunciation training.


The App will be validated and evaluated at a pilot level with key findings and results which come out of the pilot testing to be packaged and shared for the different stakeholder audiences. Dissemination material will include pilot videos of the service in action, news articles and evaluation updates of the results.


Pronunciation Training & Language Learning Course will be topic specific language courses in a mobile application to teach the specific language required for handling the administrative steps. Furthermore, the app will have interactive exercises for learning and practicing pronunciation of complex terms, as well as improving general pronunciation, tailored to a user’s native language. The pronunciation training will help migrants learn to pronounce important service-related words correctly, achieve a sense of familiarity and self-confidence whilst on the website and converse with the service providers.


Mediation Grammar is a collection of minimum requirements for enforcing the informational rights of foreign migrants and refugees entering the EU legally. It aims at becoming a standard at EU level.