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easyRights Agent

The easyRights Agent provides a comprehensive and easy

gateway to a range of  (im)migration services 



The Agent is a text-based bot designed to help (im)migrants more easily access crucial services by cutting through public services bureaucracy to only extract the exact information and forms they need.

Check out the prototype:

  • Scan the QR code above or access the easyRights Agent here on Telegram - note, you will need to download the Telegram app on your phone

  •  To use/test the Agent follow just 3 steps:

    • Step 1: choose a country – to filter actions based on country services and laws where the service is needed.

    • Step 2: select action – select needed service area e.g., residency permit, family reunification, income, housing etc.

    • Step 3: creation – automated AI processing extracts from the country service portals the main requirements (HOW, WHERE, WHEN) needed to access the service.

The user is quickly presented with a direct web link to the service application to be filled, or the address of the office to visit without having to search through several confusing websites and pages themselves. This automated action saves time, cost and stress for all. 


Added Value: Additional support services can also be accessed via the Agent to help users better understand the forms and services they are accessing so they can better communicate their needs and situation to public services. The training will help migrants learn to pronounce important service-related words correctly, achieve a sense of familiarity and self-confidence whilst on the website and converse with the service providers.

                                                  Capeesh Language Training - Provides app-based topic-specific language training with terms

                                                  targeted toward specific services.

                                                   CALST Pronunciation Training - Helps pronounce challenging sounds that often hamper

                                                   communication. Pronunciation training is currently available for English, Greek, Italian, 

                                                   Spanish and Norwegian and is tailored to a user's native language

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Making a Difference

Understand how the easyRight's Agent can make a big difference to (im)migrants through Samira's and Amari's stories below.  Whilst these are fictionalised people, the narrative is based on real-life testimonies captured through work with (im)migrants throughout the easyRights project.