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Hackathon 2021 - Results

The first round of hackathons closed successfully. 

easyRights hackathons enable the co-creation of service support solutions using easyRights technology to make it easier for (im)migrants to access services that will help accelerate their assimilation so they can lead happy, successful lives within their new communities.


1st round of Hackathons - Solution Results

  • Birmingham - a translation widget using easyRights technology in audio and written format for the cities brumbreathes air quality website.

  • Larissa - a solution proposing automation of the immediate storage and management of data related to application for and issue of certificates of permanent residence.

  • Malaga - a voice assistant that uses easyRights technology to complement services with a narrated experience in the migrants' language.

  • Palermo - an application that facilitates the understanding of the steps necessary to access the registry services of the municipality of Palermo.

How They Benefit (Im)migrants?

  • Birmingham - better understand the information on the brumbreathes website in their language with simple steps and ability to learn to pronounce important service words.

  • Larissa - reduce as much as possible complex and difficult communication with new natural language processing and physical presence services.

  • Malaga - save time and effort in navigating through the asylum process.

  • Palermo - know all the necessary steps and the documents to bring and fill in to start the registration procedures, reduce waiting times, and help them with the language barriers.

More info on the challenges of the hackathons can be found below. 

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