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Palermo Pilot


The city of Palermo has drawn up in 2015 "The Charter of Palermo" in which the concept of the right to mobility is affirmed for all people and consequently the right to seek asylum to any immigrant.  More than a third (35.7%) of foreigners residing in Palermo at 31 December 2016 are citizens of a South Central Asian country. The others are the citizens  of the West African countries (17.3%), the European Union (15.3%), the countries of East Asia (11.2%), the North Africa (9.9%) and East Africa (4.5%). The future conditions of the city, the desire to revise the future Vision, put the  administration into a deep commitment to a process of cultural change through  the elaboration of "Charter of Palermo" and of "Consulta della Cultura" but also through a great investment on education. The services to migrants are offered by both public and private bodies. The governance is institutional and usually made by the local authority and management is entrusted to third sector operators and / or unions and patronages. 

The most codified procedures are those related to obtaining certificates and/or documents derived from regulations: to obtain the certificates necessary for family reunification, for enrollment in the assisted registry of ASP (Provincial Health Authority), for registration at the Education Centers, to obtain a residence permit. Instead, for unaccompanied foreign minors there was not a real codification on procedures. In 2016, thanks to the Protocol "Taking charge of unaccompanied foreigners", it was decided to follow a procedure shared between several actors (Municipality, Prefecture, Police Headquarters, Juvenile Court, Attorney at the Juvenile Court, Scholastic Regional Office, University and ASP and Guarantor for Childhood and Adolescence) that interface with unaccompanied foreign minors. 

The level of digital service management is still low even though large future investments are planned.

Palermo: Service


Service 1: Registration to the Registry Office

Description of the service: The registration to the Registry Office is the most important document to access all the opportunities and services including job related ones. Without this document the foreigners are invisible and risk turning to criminal organisations for help.

Service 2: Job seeking and orientation

Description of the service: Through the Employment Agencies the Casa dei Diritti supports UASC in understanding and declaring their skills and abilities in job seeking and are supported in match making with available job opportunities.

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