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(Im)migrant Voices

Claudia Mejia, a migrant from Colombia, and a Russian migrant tell us their opinion on the easyRights tools.

At easyRights we have been lucky to learn first hand from (im)migrants the unique challenges they face when newly arrived in a country.  Whilst many contacts asked to participate anonymously the people below have bravely allowed their stories to be shared so more can understand their experiences.

Experience of Learning English in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council and Adult Education Service are helping newly arrived people to learn English.  Three strong women migrants share with us their first steps and words in English. Congratulations to them for their hard work! 

Claudia Mejia, a brilliant migrant from Colombia presents her life story and the difficulties she encountered while trying to enroll in an English language course in Birmingham.

Co-creation Point of View in Kavala Greece

The three videos below represent different points of view answering the same question about the perceived benefits of hackathons. The first is an interview with an immigrant from Afghanistan who is currently in the Kavala refugee camp, the second interview is with the vice-mayor of the city of Kavala, and the last interview is with the manager of the Kavala refugee camp.

easyRights Benefits

Moussa an immigrant in Palermo describes how he thinks the easyRights project will help the immigrants (in Italian only). Rocio a social worker from Spain that participated in the creation of the easyRights wiki found this tool to be a useful one both for migrants as well as for professionals.

Samira and Amari's Stories

To protect the identities of individuals the videos below showcase fictionalised stories based on real life (im)migrant experiences understood through interviews conducted by the pilots.  Their purpose is to convey the challenges faced by (im)migrants in general and showcase how easyRights tools can provide support. 

How easyRights will help the immigrants?

Find out how easyRights will help immigrants in Palermo, Larissa, and Malaga.

What are the challenges in the easyRights pilot cities?

Moussa and Ousman, two immigrants from Palermo, Eddy a migrant from Nicaragua, and our project partners from University of Thessaly and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development tell us what are the challenges immigrants face in Palermo, Malaga and Larissa.

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