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easyRights Video Compendium

What is EasyRights?





easyRights in pills, a short description of the easyRights project seen through the eyes of the coordinator Prof. Grazial Concilio of Politecnico di Milano.

Testimonial on the easyRights tools

Watch Claudia's testimonial and the testimonial of three migrants after testing the easyRights tools. You can also test them by following these steps.

An easyRights Use Case

Giuseppe Rizo & Alberto Benincasa from the LINKS Foundation together with Inna Tolskaya from Capeesh and Jacques Koreman from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology prepared a short and easy-to-understand video presenting an easyRights use case.  

21c Consultancy together with Birmingham City Council respectively Christar International prepared the below videos which are the stories of Samira and Amari and how easyRights project can help them. These stories are even more impressive as any migrant can identify with Samira or Amari. 

easyRights Solutions Components

Inna Tolskaia from Capeesh presents the easyRights Solutions Components at the Major Cities of Europe Conference which took place  between 2-4 Nov 2022 in Larissa, Greece.

How Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Adult Education Service are helping (im)migrants learn English?

Three lovely ladies, migrants are sharing with us their first steps and words in English. Congrats on your hard work! 

How will administrations benefit from the easyRights solution?

Sandra Garcia of BIC Euronova and Brent McHugh of Christar International explained below how the city of Malaga will benefit from the easyRights solution. Maria Jose Lorente from Malaga City Council explains the role of the Municipal Institute for Training and Employment in the life of migrants and refugees from Spain and what do they thing of easyRights project.

Describe in 3 steps how easyRights will help the immigrants?

Anna Koronioti from Institute of Enterprise Development, Moussa an immigrant in Palermo, Marie Jacobsen Lauvas from Capeesh, Panagiotis Koutoudis from Municipality of Larrisa, the Communications Manager from Birmingham City Council and Jared Gray and Brent McHugh of Christar International explained below how the easyRights project will help the immigrants. 


How do you think co-creation will help immigrants?

Gudrun Biffl, Professor at the Danube University Krems, migration and integration expert, Austria and consultant to the OECD on migration since 1977 will present in the below video how co-creation can help immigrants. 

What are the challenges immigrants face in your location? 

Gudrun Biffl from the Danube University Krems, Anna Koronioti from the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Ousman and Moussa migrants in Palermo, Panagiotis Koutoudis from the Municipality of Larrisa, Eleftheria Nteliou & Olga Kehagia from the University of Thessaly and Eddy from Nicaragua tell us what challenges immigrants face in Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain.


How the solutions provided through the easyRights hackathons could help the immigrants from Kavala, Greece?

The three videos below represent different points of view answering the same question. The first is an interview with an immigrant from Afghanistan who is currently in the Kavala refugee camp, the second interview is with the vice-mayor of the city of Kavala, and the last interview is with the manager of the Kavala refugee camp.

The solutions of the 2nd easyRights Hackathon

The 2nd hackathon solution in Larissa and Palermo. 

Roberta Lo Bianco from Municipality of Palermo, tests the 2nd hackathon solutions in Palermo.  

easyRights Final Conference - Krems, Austria ( 27-28 Sept 2022)

Tuesday, 27 Sept 2022: easyRights Plenary Session: Presentation of the easyRights project and results 

Wednesday, 28 Sept 2022, easyRights Panel 1: Co-creation approaches in integration policies and practices

Wednesday, 28 Sept 2022, easyRights Panel 2: Human rights literacy and the governance of integration 

Other topics

Paola Regina from Politecnico di Milano presents the human rights literacy of public officials and NGOs regarding welcoming immigrants and Giuliana Costa from Politecnico di Milano presents the poster presentation Human Rights literacy matter in the governance of migration-related services?. 

Nicola Morelli and Maria Vitaller del Olmo from the University of Aalborg present the easyRights hackathons in the first video while in the second one they indicate which are the target participants. 

Jacques Koreman from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology explains why pronunciation is so important in a language, how to use CALST app, instructions on the CALST pronunciation exercises and how the migrants' pronunciation challenges depend on their native language. 

Haira Mohammed a collaborator of Birmingham City Council explains how the charity where she works helps the immigrants from Birmingham. Sandra Garcia from BIC Euronova and Ruth Sarabia from Malaga City Council explain how Malaga city is a city that is friendly for immigrants and refugees.

Claudia Mejia presents her life story and the difficulties she encountered while trying to enroll in an English language course in Birmingham. 

Eleftheria Nteliou & Olga Kehagia from the University of Thessaly explain how easyRights promotes cultural awareness.

Giuseppe Rizo & Alberto Benincasa from the LINKS Foundation present the easyRights Chatbot app, the Pathway Generator and in the last video they explain how does the AI-based language tool that will be used in the easyRights project works.

Capeesh prepared three explanatory videos on the (1) Capeesh - easyRights language learning tool, (2) the Capeesh Language Learning App, and how language is key to integration and (3) a Clean Air Zone demo of the Birmingham Pilot using the Capeesh App.

Dr. Lydia Roessl, Researcher at the Danube University Krems, Department for Migration and Globalisation presented the Triple Loop Learning Mechanism that is the solution behind the easyRights project evaluation. 

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