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Im/migrants and the Covid-19 Emergency: a Crisis Within a Crisis

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

easyRights acknowledges that many migrants are exposed to very strong criticalities in the COVID-19 emergency. The lock-down of economic activities and social distancing rules are producing immense difficulties to those who:

  • live in collective shelters: the need to respect the minimum distance between people is obliging local authorities either to move them to temporarily adapted hosting facilities or to prevent newcomers in public shelters;

  • are locked in detention centers;

  • don’t have a place to stay;

  • are prevented from looking for (even temporary) jobs in sectors like agriculture and tourism exposing themselves to the lack of even a very modest income and the impossibility to access very basic resources;

  • being many, who work in private houses as personal or house keeping assistants: many of them have been fired by their employers or, on the contrary, have been isolated and locked in with frail elderly people in order to not expose them to the virus contagion.

As a group of researchers, entrepreneurs, public and private actors we commit to consider as much as possible such additional criticalities in the easyRights’ implementation work.

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